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Our Story

RealtyQuant brings data-driven and quantitative techniques to the real estate industry. We are on a mission to add industry value through education, investment, technology, and analytics.

What we do: 

RealtyQuant Mastermind, RealtyQuant Academy, RealtyQuant Invest, RealtyQuant Analytics

​We believe in using data-driven and quantitative techniques for real estate investment success, and seek valuable feedback from our clients. Contact us today to set up a meeting.

Our Team


Stefan Tsvetkov


On a mission to bring data-driven and quantitative techniques to the real estate industry. Adding industry value through education, investment, technology, and analytics. 

Financial engineer turned multifamily investor, analytics speaker, and live webinar host. He holds a Master's degree in Financial Engineering from Columbia University, and during his finance career managed ~ $90 billion derivatives portfolio jointly with colleagues. 

Featured on multiple Podcast and Webinar events including InvestUp, Best Ever Real Estate Show, Discovering Multifamily etc. Organizer of Finance Meets Real Estate live webinar series.


Mariam Germisashvili

Business Developer

Business developer responsible for digital marketing, online community building, investment deal flow implementation.

Mariam holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Pace University in New York City.


Prashant Kumar, CCIM

Advisor - Investments

Multifamily investor and syndicator and general partner at My Realty Gains. In his current role, he has amassed a portfolio of over 1200 units.

He holds Bachelor's in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, and a Master's degree from Fairfield University. He is leveraging over 23 years experience as a computer consultant in the US corporate sector.


Roza Chojnacka

Advisor - Machine Learning

Research software engineer at Google. She earned her BSc and MSc at University of Warsaw, with a thesis in Semantic Search. She was a Tech Lead manager at Good Lens, contributing to projects such as Apparel detection in photos, Style Match, Spatial and Semantic AR Autocompletion or a viral Art Selfie.

Currently works on Automatic Speech Recognition. Her work on computer vision, augmented reality and speech resulted in many patents. Occasionally writes at

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