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From I-Banking Internship to $100M in Acquisitions by 26 w/ David Toupin

November 16, 2021


Lecture Details:

David Toupin, Owner of Toupin Holdings and CEO of Real Estate Lab, will discuss how he went from investment banking to achieving $100M in Acquisitions.

Lecturer Bio:

David Toupin, Owner of Toupin Holdings brings 6+ years of multifamily and commercial real estate investing experience. In the past 6 years David has acquired over 1,200 apartments as the key principal, valued in excess of $100,000,000+. David brings experience in property management, financing, underwriting, acquisitions, asset management, construction management, and implementing value add plans for multifamily properties. David has a financial background working in corporate auditing and investment banking, and has been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 13.

Additionally, David is CEO of Real Estate Lab, a Multifamily real estate software company focused on managing the acquisitions and analysis process for multifamily investors and providing market data, and leads a community of multifamily investors with over 150 members called the Real Estate Lab Community.

Lecture Format:

45 min Presentation + 15 min Q&A

Get in Touch Links:

Real Estate Lab

Toupin Holdings

David Toupin on LinkedIn

Watch Lecture Recording:

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