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Crack the Odds: Mastering Odd-Even Betting for Football Wagering Success


If you're a fan of the beautiful game, chances are you've come across odd-even betting. However, if you're just dipping your toes into the world of football betting, you might need to know more about this type of bet. In this article, we'll explain what odd-even betting is and strategies to win consistently. Let's dive in!

Understanding Odd-Even Betting

Odd-even betting is a prevalent type of bet in the  betbook betting tips In this type of bet, players predict and wager whether the final outcome of the match/half will result in an odd or even number of goals.

With a success rate of 50/50 for both outcomes, odd-even betting is considered a safe and easily predictable type of bet. However, to increase one's winning chances, players need to research and evaluate the situation of both teams before placing their bets.

Common Types of Odd-Even Bets

When participating in football betting, it's essential to understand various types of odd-even bets to make informed choices and enhance winning probabilities. Some common types include:

1. Odd/Even Total Goals

This is the most popular type of odd-even bet in football, where players can also choose odd/even for the first half, second half, or the entire match. The betting options are diverse:

  • Odd/Odd: Both teams in the match score an odd number of goals.

  • Odd/Even: The home team scores an odd number of goals, while the away team scores an even number.

  • Even/Odd: Opposite of Odd/Even, where the home team scores an even number of goals and the away team scores an odd number.

  • Even/Even: Both teams score an even number of goals.

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2. Odd-Even Goals per Team

With this bet, players predict whether the total number of goals scored by each team will be odd or even. If neither team scores, the result is considered even for settlement. This type includes three options:

  • Odd/Even total goals per team for the whole match.

  • Odd/Even total goals per team for the first half.

  • Odd/Even total goals per team for the second half.

Other Types of Bets

Aside from the above, there are additional odd-even bets like:

  • Odd/Even total corners: Predicting whether the total number of corners in the match will be odd or even.

  • Odd/Even total booking points: Guessing if the total number of booking points (calculated by points per card) will be odd or even.

  • Odd/Even total penalty goals: Speculating whether the total number of penalty goals (if any) will be odd or even.

Detailed Guide through Illustrative Examples

Suppose you want to engage in odd-even betting. In that case, you should first select a reputable and secure bookmaker to place your bets. Each bookmaker offers different odds, so it's crucial to compare before wagering.

Example: Match between Iceland and France

Suppose you're betting on the match between Iceland and France.

If you bet on odd total goals for the entire match, and the total goals scored by both teams after the match are odd (e.g., 1 + 2 = 3), you win. Betting 100 units could yield 95 units in winnings. Conversely, if the total goals are even, you lose the bet.

Similarly, if you wager on odd total goals for the first half, and the total goals at the end of the first half are odd, you win. Placing 100 units could result in a 107-unit return; otherwise, you lose 100 units.

Winning Strategies for Odd-Even Betting

Odd-even betting is a popular and enticing bet type for punters. However, to secure wins, you need some experience and tactics. Here are some tips to help you succeed in this type of betting:

1. Assess Team Capabilities

Before placing bets, research the form of both teams by considering recent match results, preparation time, player fitness, and other external factors.

When two evenly matched teams play defensively, there are fewer goals, making it easier to predict odd or even outcomes. Conversely, if there's a significant gap in performance between the teams, more goals are likely, making it harder to predict.

2. Maintain a Positive Mindset

Psychology plays a crucial role in odd-even betting success. Avoid succumbing to pressure when betting; maintain a relaxed and confident mindset. If you feel stressed or impatient, take a break from betting to return with a clearer mindset.

3. Manage Betting Funds Wisely

Properly allocating betting funds is essential to minimize risks and increase winning opportunities. Divide your wagering amount into smaller portions and spread them across various bets, avoiding putting all your money on a single bet. Additionally, set a betting limit to avoid exceeding it and risking significant losses.

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4. Consider Progressive Betting

If odds for odd-even bets are favorable, and you trust your judgment, consider employing progressive betting strategies to maximize profits. However, exercise caution as there's a higher risk associated with this approach.


The above information covers essential aspects of odd-even betting and strategies to achieve optimal results. Therefore, if you're a savvy punter, incorporate and apply this knowledge wisely to increase your betting success rate. Wishing you luck and success in beating the bookmakers!


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