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Warhammer: Chaos Conquest

Once you are on the world map screen, tap the chaos wastes button at the bottom(displayed as magnifying glass/search icon) -> here you can search armies, foes, RSS by level. Tap the drop-down button next to find a button to search the desired thing and choose a level -> hit the search button and the game will filter out the same result. Hit the Go button to visit that place.

Warhammer: Chaos Conquest

This guide is too basic. Need to include strategy. For upgrading your keep, you will want to push to get to T3 faction troops for the chaos warriors, asap. Players will also want to figure out specifically which faction they want to invest in since research takes a bit of time.

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Dark Crusade promises a new single-player campaign centring on conquest of the "meta-map", which sounds very Kieron, along with a "greatly expanded" multiplayer component and a "completely unique" economy model for the Necrons, who've apparently been in stasis for 60 million years. Which is a long lie-in by anyone's standards.


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