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Gallery Teen Blank

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The eight finalists explore themes of American life through the eyes of teens in the United States today. Their portraits address topics ranging from identity, race, and body image to the condition of U.S workers as well as crimes committed against Indigenous women.

No house is complete without gallery wall ideas nowadays, whether that's in the bedroom, living room, hallway or every single room. One of the most game-changing wall decor ideas around, displaying artwork, photographs, and prints together in unison is the perfect way to add interest to a bland or basic-looking space.

These ideas for gallery walls will inspire you to fill any blank canvas, big or small, with life. And, by injecting a little of your personality into your living room ideas, you'll see your entire decor scheme come together in harmony.

The most exciting thing about this project is that no gallery wall is the same and that you can get as creative as you'd like, even (if not especially) if you're on a budget, or a total novice when it comes to getting crafty.

Want to serve up some style alongside your tasty dishes You need a gallery wall idea. It's the perfect way to start the conversation when you're hosting a dinner party or want to create a dynamic atmosphere at mealtime.

Art doesn't have to be perfect portraits of recognizable scenes or people. So if you prefer organic lines and shapes or 'proper art' is too 'neat', go about your gallery wall by introducing brush strokes and paint splatters for a fun and unfussy look.

'A gallery wall is something that instantly adds style and character to your home, but all that hanging can be a time-consuming job,' says Johanna Constantinou, brand and communications director at Tapi (opens in new tab).

Desenio (opens in new tab) has a fab service on their website which helps you plan the layout of your gallery wall and choose frames and prints to suit your space. So with the power of technology, you can bring your living room wall ideas to life, before you decide how to hang pictures.

This idea for the hallway pops because of the gorgeous reflective elements present in this cool, mini-gallery space. Modern, bold, and such a great way to add character to a property. By choosing the best wallpapers and a bold mirror, you too can achieve this look quite easily.

Learning how to install a floating shelf is super a simple DIY project and when you're not using it for a gallery wall idea, it's a great storage space for other items. Create a similar look to the one pictured with Sydney 36" W X 6" D floating shelves from Wayfair (opens in new tab).

Keep your little ones engaged by hanging fun items in their bedrooms for them to look at, touch and feel. As a cute nursery idea, add furry animal heads for a quirky take on a gallery wall, or turn toys into art by nestling them in wall-hung baskets or on shelves.

Incorporating a gallery wall into your room design is the easiest way to break up an all-white scheme, creating a space with greater depth and interest. Plus, white really is the perfect blank canvas to display your art on.

If you want to create a gallery wall that has a more cohesive look, pick a clear color scheme. We love the look of this neutral gallery wall, the colors are simple but there are plenty of different textures and materials thrown in to add interest. This gallery wall idea would work particularly well in a smaller space, say a hallway or a landing, because the limited, neutral color scheme won't overwhelm the space.

Boxy and artistic cushions veritably draws this gallery's design features down from the wall and onto the bed for a thoughtful finish. Even the paint color for the living room has been considered, as sage green complements and runs through some of the designs.

Want a quick way to make a picture wall really stand out This gallery wall idea will transform a room in just a couple of hours: simply use paint to create a colored wall panel idea as a backdrop to give your favorite artwork som


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