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Dagaraga Ra Close Up Ad In Telugu Song Free

Dagaraga Ra Close Up Ad In Telugu Song Free

Dagaraga Ra is a popular Telugu song that was featured in a Close Up toothpaste advertisement in 2019. The song was sung by Sona Mohapatra and composed by Ram Sampath. The ad starred Mahesh Babu, a famous Telugu actor, and a model named Kriti Sanon. The ad showed the couple getting closer and sharing a kiss with the help of Close Up.

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The song became a hit among the Telugu audience and many people searched for it online. The song was catchy and romantic, with lyrics like "Dagaraga ra, dagaraga raava, naa gunde lo nee thalapu laaga" (Come closer, come closer, you are like a heartbeat in my heart). The song also had a Hindi version called "Paas Aao Na", which was also used in the Close Up ad for the Hindi market.

Many people wanted to download the song for free and listen to it offline. However, the song was not officially released as a single or as part of an album. The song was only available on YouTube and other online platforms. Some websites claimed to offer the song for free download, but they were either fake or illegal.

The best way to enjoy the song is to watch the ad on YouTube or other official channels. The ad is less than a minute long and has high-quality video and audio. The ad also showcases the chemistry between Mahesh Babu and Kriti Sanon, who are both attractive and charming. The ad also promotes the benefits of using Close Up toothpaste, such as fresh breath, white teeth, and confidence.

Dagaraga Ra is a memorable song that captured the hearts of many Telugu fans. It is a perfect example of how a catchy song can make an ad more appealing and effective. The song is still popular among the Telugu audience and is often played on radio and TV channels.


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