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The Silver Cage By Anonymous UPDATED

The CCM FM580 Cage has many of the same features as last year's popular FM480, but with a few performance-focused refinements. CCM widened the cage to increase visibility, and they also upgraded to a dual-density floating chin cup with a microwick liner.

The Silver Cage By Anonymous

Comments: I love this cage. It made the transition from visor to cage much easier since it has great visibility and the floating chin cup really works well for my bearded face. Absolutely recommend it.From: Vik , Norfolk, VA

Comments: This is a very nice helmet. I used it to replace my old Bauer cage ind it fit perfectly. It also looks very nice with a black or white helmet and I would definitely recommend this to anybody looking for a new cage. From: Luke, San Jose, CA

Comments: Easily one of the best cages I've ever used, it's amazing when it comes to vision also when it comes to it, most stylish cage as well. From: Ryan, Clovis, CA

Comments: when I first got this cage I was worried that the black bars would distract me and obstruct my view. Personally I didn't notice them at all and I love the cage Pros -strong -good looking -comfortable Cons -chin cup is weird at first -kind of heavy Overall great product and I would recommend to anyone From: Nick

The Bauer Profile II Silver Hockey Helmet Cage is a great-looking, oval-wired cage that's available at a great price. The oval wires help to reduce visual obstruction while the dual-density floating chin cup provides solid comfort. Mounting hardware is included.

The Cargo Cage helps carry extra load on your bikepacking trip safely and securely. The modular design and different size options can be adapted for any shape and size luggage, and fits via regular bottle cage or cargo mounts.

The video is an amazing piece of film, however, don't muddle the two.The lyrics are amazing in their own separate entity. I do not wish to impose a religious tone but this song is dealing with death, and with death 99% of the world's population believe in something more. So I apologize if this takes on a religious tone, it is not my intention. "Shake me down" -To shakedown is extortion, blackmail, threat or a thorough search. Is it the Devil, Death or just the inevitable course of life and time loss."Not a lot of people left around" -Friends/family/loved ones are and have been passing away."Who knows now" -Who knows how much time is left, for yourself and your loved ones."Softly laying on the ground, ooooh" -You softly lay the coffins into the ground. Graves. It refers to the deceased. The loved ones he has already lost. Or if you'd like it depicts him on the the ground by the gravestone of his wife who he had to burry. "In my life, I have seen,People walk into the sea,Just to find memories,Plagued by constant misery" -Walk into the sea is referencing 'getting wet', a term used by substance abusers about getting high. The high helps them remember the happy memories and deal with the pain of losing someone because they are grieving in constant misery."Their eyes cast down,Fixed upon the ground,Their eyes cast down" -This depicts those who wallow in memories of loved ones. Fixed upon the ground and not looking ahead at life and moving forward. Cast down also indicates the loss of faith."I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun" -Keeping his chin up and staying optimistic. Determined not to lose faith, keep looking up to God for strength. God being the light in the darkness. The sun pushes back the dark."Shake me down,Cut my hair on a silver cloud" -From the proverb: Every cloud has a silver lining. Keeping faith and staying true to his word even though Devil/Death/life is giving him the shakedown. Staying optimistic."Broken sound" -It can be difficult to hear God's voice and keep faith. "In my past, bittersweet,There's no love between the sheets" -Lost the love of his life. The cause of his pain and misery and questionable faith."Taste the blood,broken dreams,Lonely times indeed,With eyes cast down,Fixed upon the ground,Eyes cast down" -Reflecting on a dark period of life where he had no faith, no hope, was depressed, struggled to move on. It also offers insight on what he had to endure and what's revealed later in the lyrics."I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun" -Trying to keep faith. Is keeping faith."Turn back now its time for me to let go,Way down had to find a place to lay low,Lampshade turned around into a light post" -Time to let go of the misery, guilt, of this dark place.Has hit 'rock bottom' and realizes a change needs to be made.The lampshad/light post is a metaphor for how low he is. "Walk around the corner,Never saw it coming still,I try to make a move,It almost stopped me from belief,I don't wanna know the future,But I'm like rolling thunder" -Depicting the tragic event that took place of how he lost his wife. Walked around the corner and they never saw it coming, still he tries to make a move even now in his tragic memory of recounting the event. Almost stopped his belief in God altogether. Doesn't want to know the future:the proverbial "WHY". He doesn't care why, this has propelled him into darkness: I'm like rolling thunder is his metaphor to illustrate this. Listen to the anger/pain/misery."Even on a cloudy day,I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun" -Still days that are harder/darker than others and are filled with pain and a lot of bad in the world, he'll still keep his faith and will look to God to see the light.

Shake me down (mearning extortion, blackmail and a host of other things etc) is almost an instruction, he is telling the world that he does not care what happens to him anymore. He says not a lot of people left around meaning he has lost people to death, to drugs, or simply lost touch with friends and loved ones. So he doesnt care if the world shakes him down its not like anyone cares anyway. Who knows now means who really knows whats happening the world is littered with different beliefs and ideas its all overwhelming and no one really knows or can be sure of anything. Softly laying on the ground could symbolise death or just giving up or feeling like giving up laying meay mean dreaming or thinking about what to do. Cut my hair on a silver cloud means even the good things have some kind of negativity in this frame of mind. Broken sound is the taking away of a voice of a melody silence is associated with death or thought. Il keep my eyes fixed on the sun means i will stay fixed on the goal through adversity. People walk into the sea is suicide the ultimate in hopelessness walking into the sea so that your life can flash before your eyes. Just to find memories. Plagued by constant misery is guilt and regret possibly pain. But it is definitely self loathe. Theres no love between the sheets means love is lost there was possibly infidelity, between the sheets is a reference to intimate love which is non existent. taste the blood broken dreams. he regrets the sacrifices he made to get to that point but he will keep on trying and try to get past it all.

I would have to agree with a lot of the point's in interpretation by anonymous Jan 25th. I do, however, believe the video and the song are linked together in perfect time, and the video shows a large part of the song's symbolism. I believe "People walk into the sea, just to find memories, plauged by constant misery" means that these people that have cast their eyes down on the ground or worldly worries ,and "walking into the sea" as meaning as so over come and drowning, or crushed under the weight. "I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun", means just that, looking at the big picture optimistically. I also believe that the word "sun" can also be referring to son of man, or Jesus. Towards the end of the video where there was a open field full of people, only one seemed to know the jogger, his wife. Tied in with this the phrase "Not alot of people left around", which means lost friends and loved ones, can also be seen as rapture as the whole group is sent upwards as a group. The majority of people would agree with the symbolism, as everybody believes or at least hopes for a better place after life. In the context of Christianity the same applies, you have to keep your eyes fixed on the son throught a life surrounded by the hopeless that are only hurting themselves by being caught up in the lies and noise of this world, "walking into the sea". The majority of people would not understand the last things that I have just said, and not actually heard it. Beautiful song.

Figure 1 Study site. (A) The 17 potential fishing ports considered for IMTA-based cage rearing system placement. Detailed information is provided in Table 1. (B) Meiyanshan fishing port in New Taipei City in northeastern Taiwan. (C) Gongliao Aqua Center. (D) Aerial view of Meiyanshan fishing port.

Figure 3 (A) Red seabream (Pagrus major). (B) Javelin grunter (Pomadasys kaakan). (C) Striped breakperch (Oplegnathus fasciatus).(D, E) Cuttlefish (Sepia pharaonis) subadults (D) and embryos (E). (F) Cuttlefish (Sepia pharaonis) hatchlings. (G) Oyster (Magallana angulata). (H, I) Dog conch (Laevistrombus canarium) at the bottom of the cage rearing system (H) and in a small plastic cage (I). (J) Natural sponge. (K) Purple sea urchin (Heliocidaris crassispina). (L) Growth of hair-shaped green algae (Chaetomorpha crassa), before (left) and after (right). (M) Growth of red algae (Agardhiella subulata) before (left) and after (right). 350c69d7ab


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