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I Dream Of Jeannie Episodes Dubbed In Hindi Free 1133

in the original pilot episode titled "i dream of jeannie", david addison and barbara eden first meet when she is performing at a nightclub in new york city. she is introduced to a man named paul frees (the voice of the genie) who, in the opening scene of the episode, speaks in a voice that resembles the bow-tie wearing, cigarette-smoking, alcoholic narrator of the entire series. as the only recorded conversation between these two characters, paul provides the information that jeannie, the genie, is from the planet o-tess. the planet is ruled by an ancient people, the banafras, who have genetic telepathy. throughout the series, paul, in voice, and h. michael mancini, in music, often provided the voice-over narration or background music. to emphasize her genie heritage, mancini occasionally played pieces on his keyboard to give the impression that jeannie was indeed a little "spoiled". in fact, for most of the series, mancini's music was used to convey the tone of the episode.

I Dream Of Jeannie Episodes Dubbed In Hindi Free 1133

when i dream of jeannie debuted in 1965, it was the highest-rated show in the u.s. after that, mancini left for abc in 1971; although mancini's music dominated the first three seasons of the series, he was replaced by vicky adams, who provided the musical background for the remainder of the series.

the series was well received, particularly among children, and in its 11th and final season, the first two episodes were repeated regularly. in fact, in subsequent reruns, the episode in which jeannie is smuggled off-planet for the first time was one of the few repeats played first. in the uk, it was usually ordered at a mid-week hour and was considered to be the "family show" on the channel, even though it aired in the early part of the evening. in the us, it was usually the single disc title of the week and was usually ordered against repeats.


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