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[S3E12] Mission Accomplished __LINK__

Facing a media onslaught, Rawls, Burrell and Reed become concerned that Royce will make them scapegoats. Carcetti and Gray give interviews about Hamsterdam, with Gray announcing his run against the mayor. In his office, Royce sees news footage of Hamsterdam and realizes it was a political mistake to sustain the zones. When Burrell is told he will be relieved over Hamsterdam, he threatens to tell the press that the zones were operated under pressure from Royce to keep crime down. Burrell demands a full term as commissioner in exchange for pinning the blame on Colvin. Afterwards, he gives Rawls the go-ahead to forcibly empty Hamsterdam. That night, after the area has been cleared of dealers and addicts, an officer finds Johnny dead from an overdose in a vacant building.

[S3E12] Mission Accomplished

The title refers to McNulty completing his goal of breaking the Barksdale organization, and Omar and Brother Mouzone completing their mission of killing Stringer. It also refers to the success of Cutty's attempts at personal reform by starting a new life as a boxing trainer.

Deputy Commissioner William Rawls and Colonel Foerster quiz Detective Moreland about his latest case. Bunk is investigating the murder of drug kingpin Russell Bell in a property development site. He reports that his colleagues Crutchfield and Massey are working the crime scene while Detective Norris is travelling to the morgue to watch the post mortems. Detective Holley interviews the only witness to the shooting - Bell's development consultant Andy Krawczyk. Rawls tells Bunk that Krawczyk is a major campaign contributor to the Mayor and the politicians have already been checking up on him. Holley quizzes Krawczyk about his knowledge of Bells narcotics crimes. Krawczyk states that the gunman he saw was black with a large weapon, Bunk sees this as a stereotypical witness statement and remarks BNBG. Holley explains: "Big Negro, Big Gun".

Sergeant Ellis Carver discusses the effect breaking the story of Hamsterdam will have on the career of Colvin and his men with other officers from the district. As Carver makes his way through Hamsterdam, Johnny Weeks approaches him and asks to borrow money. Carver recognizes Johnny as a drug addict and refuses. Johnny accepts this graciously. The next morning, reporters arrive in Hamsterdam. Commissioner Burrell learns of the media involvement and tells his colleagues Rawls and IID Commander Reed. Rawls and Reed remain concerned that Royce will blame the police department for the Hamsterdam debacle.

Burrell arrives at the Mayor's office to discuss their course of action. Parker tells Burrell that they plan to blame him for Hamsterdam and then relieve him of his post. Burrell threatens to go to the press and blame the Mayor for pressuring the police department and causing Colvin's actions and also for delaying the closure of Hamsterdam. Furthermore, Burrell blackmails Royce by stating that he considered the idea of keeping Hamsterdam open had the media not interfered as Parker attempts to lie about the Mayor's message.; Burrell offers an alternative - make him commissioner for a full term and he will blame Colvin as much as possible and take the rest on himself and police force. After his meeting Burrell orders Rawls to close down the free zones. Rawls executes his order with some relish leading the troops to a sanctioned area, with the military charge song "Ride of the Valkyries" playing in the background. Herc is pleased to be able to take action at last while Carver is less positive. 041b061a72


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