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How to Download, Install, and Use Visual FoxPro 7 Portable on Any Windows Computer

i tried an old foxpro 6.0 sp4 but i just can not use the new features. i really want to work on a project but all my versions of foxpro are on a mac. so i have no choice. is there any way to work on an old foxpro 6.0 sp4 on a mac?

visual foxpro 7 portable

thanks for your comment. it is true that vfp has been used a lot with different "unsupported" versions of windows. i suppose the main reason for vfp's death is that there is not a good alternative. take a look at the comments for various suggestions, but foxpro has a special mix of features that is difficult to match. microsoft had their reasons for cancelling foxpro, but it still left a lot of us in the lurch.

as you said, there are a lot of alternatives, but they are not really compatible with our existing apps. the best choice may be to go with another rad tool, like delphi, but for the legacy foxpro developers, i suggest for a class of world wide developers to take the responsibility to handle the development of vfp on their own, like what delphi developers did in lazarus (free delphi rad).

so far, there are many foxpro developers, but i think the number of foxpro apps needing maintenance and development are dwindling. it is not easy to find good foxpro developers. so, i am not optimistic for a class of world wide developers to take on the responsibility of vfp.

i graduated from basic to foxpro for dos version 1 and have updated through every version since right up to version 9. while i am fearful from time to time at 70 years old i have decided to hope for the best and continue without trying to rewrite my rather large accounting program in a new language. looking at the abysmal raft of alternatives out there i dont think would make it before i pass on. so far it runs fine on every windows version produced right up to windows 8.1 and i am hopeful that the times microsoft have been burned by dumb decisions (word having no backward compatibility and neglecting the start button in windows 8) will keep them offering backward compatibility for a few years yet. i am also hopeful someone will build a compiler down the track.


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