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Northstar 2 Listening And Speaking Level 2 Teacher Manual Free 12 ^HOT^

So after attending a Northeast Iowa Reading Camp and working with first-year college students, I decided to make some changes in my own language teaching. And, after attending a Northstar 'Teacher Practice' online training on February 16-17 I decided to get back into it and incorporate technology as a necessary element in my classroom instruction. These were the kinds of experiences that inspired this new module.

northstar 2 listening and speaking level 2 teacher manual free 12

When I think of how I use technology in my classroom I can divide it into two main categories. My 1st category is via the applications I use on my iPad/iPhone. This primarily means using it for listening and speaking. I use different applications for listening and speaking. I then move to my 2nd category of how I use technology in my classroom. This is when I think about how I use the vast amount of technology out there to supplement the learning I am doing. In this category I use technology for the different purposes of reading, writing, listening, speaking and arithmetic.

I finished reading the E-Learning Freebie Workshop earlier this week and I learned a lot! This guide is perfect for teachers who are looking to implement web 2.0 tools in their classrooms. I was particularly interested in the social networking items. I am beginning to use Facebook and Google + as they are such an integral part of my students' lives.

I took online courses from Arkansas as an undergraduate student, and the instruction level of this course is excellent! I have used Google docs, word processing, PowerPoint and videos. The instruction was easy to follow and the instruction was very thorough. I will be a better teacher after completing this course!


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