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@legoDad42 said:"I remember a Mark Stafford interview and one of the points he makes is that he used a smaller technic axle and that RAISED the price already set before he designed.He thought a bigger axle would bring up the price BUT it was the smaller axle that actually raised the price.He found out it was where it was made, the particular factory.So even weight of the item can't be a true measure.Lego makes parts all at different factories, much like components on electronics and appliances, etc. From various places around the world, then put together in one place and this process done right can lower costs for those companies.So Lego does the same, and you factor in new molds, new printed parts, new graphics being done, the way they marketed it, the licensing agreements that we know NOTHING about how much the deal they made with Disney, etc.The bank loans they get, the interest rates we know nothing about, that can fluctuate.The raw material costs. The employees and designers with different salaries (raises, benefits, etc.), the overhead on all their properties, etc.And much more, put into an equation to get to a price is something we cannot know all the details about.Best to collect what you REALLY like, not for aftermarket, DON'T be a compleatist and truly enjoy the hobby.Big sets you want, truly sacrifice and save, and in few months, you can own that big UCS set. I do this, I look for deals, save over time and have been a happier collector for it.I even sell some sets that I loved, I just takes good pics and keep those as mementos of my collection.Car and motorcycle collectors do this all the time.Don't let the price increases ruin your love of the hobby. There's ways to sacrifice, trade, sell and SAVE to get the kits you REALLY want. It's much better that way."This is the best comment in this entire comments section imo, and something we can all agree on. The price is the price, there are a ton of different factors for why it is what it is but ultimately that's not up to us. What IS up to us is what we buy and why. That's my motto.Me personally, I used to be a completionist. At one point, I went after every single Ninjago Legacy set because I started buying the ones with the golden minifigures, then the ones I liked, then the ones I kind of liked, and soon I had a majority and figured, well might as buy the rest. The same exact thing happened with Speed Champions. It was to the point where I was searching for the retired sets. You know, the one's whose prices have increased by over 150%.Please: do not ever do anything like that unless you have the money for it, and even then, really think about whether it's worth it regardless. It is such a bad idea when you don't. Don't get me wrong, building them was fun, but I spent far too much money on sets that I really didn't want at the end of the day, and while selling them after the fact will get some of that money back, I'll still lose quite a bit.That said, if there's a theme or subtheme or whatever that you highly enjoy, that's obviously different. For example, I love the architecture Skyline sets and have all of them. I do not regret any of those purchases aside from one, but only because it was an ignorant overpay. I don't regret obtaining the set itself. Ultimately, the overall key here is buying sets that you actually want, not buying sets for the sole purpose of completing a collection. The same way that getting 100% in a video game is not at all worth it if you aren't actually enjoying doing it.At the start of 2021, there were approximately 40 sets on my "Want List" here. These days, it's down to 20 max, usually under, and only a fraction are from this year. That's because I went from wanting a bunch of sets for completionist purposes or because they were kind of cool to wanting only the sets that I, well, actually really wanted. Doing this has made me feel a lot more satisfied about my purchases, as well as a lot less guilty or stressed about what I'm doing with my money. Both ha





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