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Tappevaridi: A Telugu Story Of Love And Betrayal

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Tappevaridi: A Telugu Story of Love and Betrayal

Tappevaridi is a Telugu novel written by Madhu Babu, a popular writer of detective and thriller stories. The novel was first published in 2005 as a serial in Swathi Weekly magazine and later as a book in 2006. The novel tells the story of a young couple, Surya and Anjali, who fall in love and elope to escape their families' opposition. However, their happiness is short-lived as they encounter a series of troubles and tragedies that test their love and loyalty.

Tappevaridi: A Telugu Story of Love and Betrayal

The novel is divided into 17 chapters, each one ending with a cliffhanger that keeps the readers hooked. The novel has elements of romance, suspense, mystery, horror and action. The novel also explores themes such as family, friendship, betrayal, revenge, justice and fate. The novel has been praised for its gripping plot, engaging narration, realistic characters and dialogues. The novel has also been criticized for its excessive violence, graphic descriptions and moral ambiguity.

Tappevaridi is one of the best-selling novels in Telugu literature and has been adapted into a movie in 2010 by the same name. The movie was directed by Ravi Babu and starred Sivaji and Shweta Basu Prasad in the lead roles. The movie was also well-received by the audience and critics alike.

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The novel begins with Surya, a young and handsome engineer, who works in a software company in Hyderabad. He meets Anjali, a beautiful and innocent girl, who works as a receptionist in the same company. They fall in love at first sight and decide to get married against their parents' wishes. They elope to Goa and start a new life together. They enjoy their honeymoon and plan to settle down in Mumbai.

However, their happiness is soon shattered when they are attacked by a gang of goons who kidnap Anjali and torture her. Surya manages to escape and tries to find Anjali with the help of his friend Ravi. He learns that the gang is led by a mysterious man named Tappevaridi, who has a personal vendetta against him. Tappevaridi reveals that he is Surya's half-brother and that he blames Surya for ruining his life. He tells Surya that he will kill Anjali unless Surya agrees to do his bidding.

Surya is forced to follow Tappevaridi's orders and commits various crimes such as robbery, murder and rape. He loses his job, his reputation and his sanity. He also discovers that Anjali is not who she claims to be and that she has a dark past that involves Tappevaridi. He realizes that he has been betrayed by the two people he loved the most and that he has no way out of this nightmare.

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The novel reaches its climax when Surya and Anjali are brought face to face by Tappevaridi in a deserted warehouse. Tappevaridi reveals his true identity and motive to Surya. He tells Surya that he is the son of Surya's father and his mistress. He says that he grew up in poverty and abuse while Surya enjoyed a privileged life. He says that he swore revenge on Surya and his father when he learned that his mother died of cancer and that his father refused to help her. He says that he planned to destroy Surya's life by using Anjali as a pawn.

Anjali confesses to Surya that she was hired by Tappevaridi to seduce him and marry him. She says that she was an orphan who was raised by Tappevaridi and that she owed him everything. She says that she initially followed his orders but later fell in love with Surya for real. She begs Surya to forgive her and to escape with her.

Surya is shocked and heartbroken by the revelations. He feels betrayed and angry at both Anjali and Tappevaridi. He decides to kill them both and end his misery. He grabs a gun and shoots at them. However, he misses Tappevaridi and hits Anjali instead. Anjali dies in his arms, professing her love for him. Tappevaridi laughs maniacally and shoots at Surya. Surya falls to the ground, bleeding profusely. The novel ends with Surya's dying thoughts as he regrets his life choices and wishes for a second chance. 04f6b60f66


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