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Creepy Doll Crack ((BETTER))ed Face Makeup

Can't decide whether to go super creepy or extra cute with your Halloween costume this year? You don't have to look any further, thanks to this roundup of cracked doll Halloween makeup tutorials! You'll be the most terrifying, yet precious gal at every costume party.

creepy doll cracked face makeup

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Though the tutorials below focus on makeup, don't forget to create the perfect outfit to complete the look. Think cute, but creepy and reach for whimsical floral dresses, some knee high socks, and maybe a classic little pair of Mary Janes to top it off.

Don't forget your accessories, either! The doll look really comes to life when you pay attention to the details. Consider rocking a head full of adorable pin curls, pinning in tons of little bows throughout your locks, and popping a quirky hat on. As for nails, I'd suggest either going clean, sweet and classic with a DIY "Naked" manicure or pink sparkles. Yo could also take things in an entirely different and creepy direction with straight up black nail polish or another dark fall shade.

Doll-inspired makeup looks have circulated the beauty world for years, but even so, they never seem to get old. From Barbie-themed looks to creepy doll trends, these makeup ideas are both cute and chilling. Cracked-doll makeup in particular is the spookiest version of the costume, with looks so haunting, they are sure to bring on nightmares.

The first makeup idea features a shattered doll design. This makeup artist has created the illusion that her face is broken and cracked. She has kept the rest of the makeup simple and has finished off the look with black contact lenses, pigtails and a pretty top. This is the type of doll that would look creepy if sat on a shelf. It is a cool and scary costume for Halloween. You can find cracked doll face makeup tutorials online.

Annabelle is one of the most notorious dolls in history. This next makeup idea has been inspired by the Annabelle doll from the movies. The artist has created a wooden doll look complete with the blue eyes, Annabelle style eyebrows and pigtails. Movie fans will love this makeup so it would be great for a party. A full list of the products used to create the look are on the page below.

Love Barbie dolls? If so, this next idea is for you. Here we have Barbie style makeup. She has pretty pink eye makeup and lip color. The look is finished off with a pink dress, blonde wig and pink glasses. This is a beautiful version of doll makeup and it is perfect for those who want to look cute instead of creepy. You can check out what products were used to create the makeup on the page below.

Next, we have another makeup idea based on a real doll. In the image below, you can see the actual doll and the makeup inspired by it. The makeup artist looks almost identical to the doll and she even has illusion eyes which look just like doll too. We love this unique idea and you can recreate this or you can choose a different doll, maybe your favorite one from childhood.

Another popular fashion doll is the Bratz. There has been a makeup trend on Instagram and lots of makeup artists have been turning themselves into their favorite Bratz doll! This next idea shows a gorgeous example. As you can see, she has created illusion doll eyes and red lips. She has also recreated the costume too. This is such a cool and stylish idea. You can check out Bratz makeup tutorials online and you can choose to create a version of any of the dolls you like. Makeup like this is perfect for those who want to look pretty not scary.

This next doll makeup idea is one of our favorites! Here we have makeup inspired by a rag doll. The makeup artist has created doll eyes, pink cheeks and red lips. This costume is finished off with a yarn wig and a light top or dress. We love this because it looks like those creepy soft dolls and the wig is so creative and was made by the artist. She used a bald cap, yarn and hot glue. You could recreate the wig in any color you like!

If you want to look glam for Halloween, then this idea is for you! This makeup artist has created a very glitzy version of the Bratz doll. She has illusion eye makeup, bold lip color, a bright pink wig and sparkly accessories. This is a fun and cute look that will make you stand out from all the scary ghosts and ghouls. If you want to recreate the makeup, then you can take a look at the products used on the link below.

Next, we have another cracked illusion. This time the makeup artist has created a shattered design on one side of her face. She also has black hair with a red ribbon and blue eye makeup which gives her a Snow White vibe. This is a cool idea and you can recreate this fairy tale look or try the illusion with any makeup. There is a short tutorial on the page below and there is a full list of products used too.

If you like the Bratz makeup looks but want yours to be a little darker for Halloween, then this idea is for you. Here we have a Gothic Bratz doll which would be perfect for Halloween. The makeup artist has created the illusion eyes and the look is complete with dark lip color, a wig and cool sunglasses. We love this unique version of the trend. You can see a tutorial and the products used to create the look on the page below.

Looking for a more unique makeup idea? If so, you need to check this out. Here we have a wooden doll design! For this look, the artist has created a wooden effect on her face complete with a doll like jaw. This is such an awesome idea and it has Pinocchio vibe. You can find wooden doll makeup tutorials online. Recreate this or you can try a more spooky doll look, maybe wear some contact lenses.

This next idea is cute and creepy too. The doll makeup features the illusion eyes with beautiful pink eye makeup, pink lip color and there are also stars on her face. This look is complete with pigtails and pretty bows. Makeup like this will definitely look scary if worn with a doll like dress. You could also wear contact lenses to which will give people a real fright.

Next, we have another shattered doll design. The cracked face illusion has been painted on her face and neck. We love this look because the cracks are very detailed and her eye and lip makeup captures the creepiness of dolls perfectly. There is a YouTube tutorial for this makeup look down below.

The next idea features another creepy doll inspired by Annabelle. She has the wooden doll look with the black eyebrows, blue eyes and pigtails. Of course, the scary, killer doll would not be complete without a little blood. Finish off your costume with an old-fashioned dress to really give you the terrifying Annabelle look.

Next, we have another fashionable Bratz look. This time the makeup artist has created the illusion eyes and doll like lips. The look is complete with a purple wig. This is a chic and cool version of the Bratz trend. You could make this more suited to Halloween by choosing darker colors for your eyes and lips.

This next makeup idea has been inspired by the Monster High dolls. Monster High dolls are based on monsters and horror movie characters. This makeup looks like the Frankie Stein doll. The makeup has the classic Frankenstein design with the face paint, stitches and hair but with a fashionable twist! We love this idea because you get the spookiness for Halloween but you also look quite stylish too. Recreate this or choose a different Monster High doll.

Looking for a more unique cracked doll design? If so, this idea could be perfect for you. Here we have a cracked face and some of the larger cracks are covered in glitter. This creates the illusion that chunks of her face are no longer there which has revealed glitter underneath. If you want a more gory and scary look, then you could make the missing areas of skin look like a wound instead.

The next makeup idea features a Bratz doll more suited to Halloween. This makeup artist has created a Bratz look but she has added wounds, blood and a plaster. By adding these gory features, it just creates a scarier and more creepy look. You can recreate this or you can try the blood and other designs on different Bratz makeup.

Earlier in the post we shared makeup with a Snow White vibe. If you loved that idea, then you need to see this one too. Here we have another Snow White inspired look. The makeup artist has created a wind up doll design. She has a Snow White costume complete with cracked doll makeup and the wind up mechanism. This is a very unique idea and it will definitely look very creepy at a party or other Halloween event.

Next, we have another stylish Bratz idea. This looks like a classic Bratz doll with the big eyes, bold lips and fashionable outfit. A costume like this is fun and easy to wear. There is a full makeup tutorial on the page below. You can also watch the tutorial but use different colors to create a more unique look.

When I was little my mother used to tell me a story about a creepy doll that haunted her owners every night, so I imagined the doll to look somewhat like this broken doll makeup design. So if you're looking for a cute and creepy broken doll face paint design, here's an easy tutorial!

Always start makeup on a clean face, go first with a primer to hold the base and only then apply a concealer so that you can conceal any blemishes, spots, zits or dark circle marks around the eyes in a proper manner. Take a one tone lighter foundation on your face and neck. Feel free to apply foundation makeup a little thicker than you would normally, as the doll look features a porcelain or plastic face that is unlike natural skin. Use a pink hued blush at the base of your cheeks using a blush brush or your fingers. Keep the blush purposely heavy, or in a distinct circle shape, for a more dramatic doll look. Add a highlighter to the top outer edge of your cheekbones to make them more rounded and full-looking.

To create the broken doll cracks, use Cameleon Baseline Black and a thin brush. Start drawing little squiggly lines on your forehead. Its good to think of a spot where the crack will originate from and start drawing lines spreading from it. If you don't want the crack to look too deep then you can use a grey face paint instead. The crack on the side of your cheek is going to be missing a chunk, so paint a small triangle and then draw coming out the edges. To make your cracks look more realistic, apply a white or a gold eyeliner on the sides of the black lines.


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