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The Amrapali in Hindi Full Movie Download - A Classic Tale of Love and War

If you are looking for a historical drama that depicts the life of a legendary courtesan and her romance with a warrior king, then you might want to watch Amrapali, a 1966 Hindi film directed by Lekh Tandon and starring Vyjayanthimala and Sunil Dutt in the lead roles. The film is based on the story of Amrapali, also known as Ambapali, who was the nagarvadhu (royal courtesan) of the republic of Vaishali in ancient India. The film explores her relationship with Ajaatshatru, the king of Magadha, who invades Vaishali and falls in love with her. The film also portrays the teachings of Buddha and his philosophy of nonviolence, which influence Amrapali and Ajaatshatru to renounce their worldly pleasures and seek peace.


The film was not a commercial success when it was released, but it was selected as the Indian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 39th Academy Awards, though it was not nominated. The film is praised for its costumes, cinematography, music, and performances. The costumes were designed by Banu Athaiya, who later won an Oscar for Gandhi. The cinematography was done by Dwarka Divecha, who captured the war scenes and the ancient settings with great skill. The music was composed by Shankar-Jaikishan, who created some memorable songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar, such as "Neel Gagan Ki Chhaon Mein", "Jao Re Jogi", and "Tumhen Yaad Karte Karte". The performances by Vyjayanthimala and Sunil Dutt were also applauded, as they portrayed their characters with grace and intensity.

If you want to watch this classic film, you can find it on Netflix, where you can stream it online or download it offline. You can also watch it on IndiaVideo, where you can find some clips and scenes from the film. You can also read more about the film on IMDb, where you can find the cast, crew, trivia, reviews, and ratings.

The Amrapali in Hindi full movie download is a great option for those who love historical dramas and want to witness a tale of love and war that transcends time and space. The film is a tribute to the culture and history of India, as well as to the message of peace and harmony that Buddha taught. The film is a masterpiece that deserves to be watched and appreciated by all.


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