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Real Estate Market Valuations Data

Learn which real estate markets are overvalued, including their appreciation potential.

Upfront payment, Lifetime free updates quarterly to your email.

A collection of state-level and county-level reports and data, assisting you in best gauging overvalued real estate markets and their appreciation potential.

RealtyQuant has developed statistical predictors for market appreciation, as well as a valuation metric to gauge market downside risk. Listen to our founder's Podcast interview on valuation metrics here. A back study with some of the basic findings can be found here

If you are investing in real estate and are uncertain if your market is overvalued, you are missing out. The most overvalued U.S. states dropped upwards of 40% from peak during the Global Financial Crisis vs. median 4% drop for undervalued states.

"If a real estate investor wants to learn if their market is overvalued, their best source is RealtyQuant's market data. It is the most predictive and comprehensive analysis available."

Konstantin Boubev, Real Estate Investor & Founder of Epic North Capital

Report Sample - State Market Valuation

Report Sample - County Market Valuation

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