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JF2293: Applying Data Analysis To Find Undervalued Market Opportunities With Stefan Tsvetkov #SituationSaturday

Dec 12, 2020

Stefan has been a financial engineer for 10 years. Now he uses financial engineering knowledge in the real estate market. His data analytics company, Envvy, helps real estate investors find market inefficiencies and high margin ...


Find the True Value of Real Estate Markets

Dec 18, 2020

Market analytics expert Stefan Tsvetkov talks with Joe Fairless on The Best Ever Show about the power of quantitative analysis to help you find undervalued opportunities ...


WS1115: Data-Driven Real Estate Investing with Stefan Tsvetkov | #TechandTacticsTuesday

Nov 9, 2021

Stefan Tsvetkov goes into detail on how to assess the market that will help you find the right deals or guide you in scouting for opportunities for investing in real estate ...


‎Discovering Multifamily: US Real Estate: Multifamily Valuations And Outlook Post 2020 Recession With Stefan Tsvetkov on Apple Podcasts

Sep 3, 2020

Show Discovering Multifamily, Ep US Real Estate: Multifamily Valuations And Outlook Post 2020 Recession With Stefan Tsvetkov ...


Wealth & Whiskey October 2021| Valkere Investment Group

Oct 28, 2021

All are welcome to this month's Wealth And Whisky Mastermind to learn, connect and discuss investing strategies. This month we will be hosting Stefan Tsvetkov
Stefan is a former financial engineer (Columbia MSFE) ...


Measuring Overvalued Real Estate Markets with Stefan Tsvetkov - 5 Talents Podcast - Ep 168

Sep 1, 2021

Stefan Tsvetkov moved into the United States with the hope of building a successful professional career. Back then, he needed to overcome language and cultural barriers, as well as the feeling of being away from his loved ones to realize his dreams ...


Addressing Inefficiencies in the Real Estate Market Through Data-Driven Analytics with Stefan Tsvetkov

Sep 15, 2021

Data-driven analytics is one of the best ways to achieve efficiency in the real estate market. This is what Stefan Tsvetkov will talk about in this episode. Stefan is a former financial engineer (Columbia MSFE) ...

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Episode 85: Know The Market Before Transacting, with Stefan Tsvetkov

Jun 28, 2021

Stefan Tsvetkov of Pepela Equity Partners is a financial engineer turned multifamily investor. He joins Lance to discuss why he made the switch to pursue real estate investing . Stefan unpacks why he is bullish on the Boise, Idaho market and how roughly 80% of multifamily operators ...


Real Estate Investing 365 Podcast | Episode 066 - Stefan Tsvetkov

Sep 22, 2020

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions below you are in the right place! How do I get started in real estate investing? Am I really going to spend the next 30 years at this job? Do people really make enough money to ...


How to Apply Data Science to Real Estate

Jul 26, 2021

In this video, Stefan Tsvetkov talks about how to apply data science to real estate deals ...


Webinar on 'Is Real-Estate Market Overvalued?'

Oct 9, 2020

Mr. Prashant Kumar, President of Multi-Family Realty Gains, in a webinar with the Founder of Envvy Analytics and Pepela Equity Partners, Stefan Tsvetkov discussed with data-driven approach on “Is the Real Estate Market Overvalued?” In this ...


Peer 2 Peer Real Estate Show Presentation: What we need to know about a market with Stefan Tsvetkov

Oct 5, 2020

About Stefan; Financial engineer, and real estate investor in the multifamily space across several strategies. Owns 3- and 4-unit properties in NJ and a duplex in upstate NY. Founder of Envvy Analytics, an investor-geared property analytics ...


Is the Current Real Estate Market Overvalued: Outlook Post COVID-19

Jan 4, 2021

During this virtual event Stefan Tsvetkov has taken us through the research he has done to understand the multifamily real estate dynamics. This is an educational channel for those interested to learn about alternative investing, particularly via ...


73 - Finance, Analytics and Multi Family Investing with Stefan Tsvetkov

May 31, 2021

I am a financial engineer (Columbia MSFE) and real estate investor. 10 years experience managing $90+ billion derivatives portfolio jointly with colleagues. Multifamily investor ...

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US Real Estate: Valuations And Outlook Post 2020 Recession

Aug 19, 2020

Stefan Tsvetkov, MS Financial Engineering, explores the state of valuations in U.S. private residential real estate. Valuations reveal high correlation vs post-2007 actual drop levels. Stefan is a financial engineer and real estate investor in the...

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Modeling Apartment Communities Value Add w/ Stefan Tsvetkov

Jul 28, 2021

Stefan Tsvetkov, the Managing Partner at Pepela Capital and Founder of Envvy Analytics, discusses modeling off-market apartment communities relative value-add in an automated scalable fashion ...

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