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Syndication Deal Structures w/ Dave Morgia

August 23, 2022

Dave Morgia, multifamily investor and host of the Making Money in Multifamily Podcast, will go over traditional deal structures found in the multifamily syndication space and dive into common structures offered in today's market.

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Being a Key Principal / Loan Guarantor w/ Ethan Gao

August 16, 2022

Ethan Gao, the fund manager at Good Bull Investments, will talk about becoming a Key Principal /Loan Guarantor, what the process is and how you can be one too.


How To 10X Your Wealth Through Real Estate Investing w/ Elisa Zhang

August 9, 2022

Elisa Zhang the founder of EZ Financial Independence University will share the formula of how she strategically built wealth investing in multifamily real estate and how you can do the same. She outlines the mindset shift required, the steps to take to achieve this goal and lessons learned along the way that will shortcut you to success.


Managing Commercial Real Estate Risk w/ Jeremy Goodrich

August 2, 2022

Jeremy Goodrich, the owner and commercial real estate advisor at Shine Insurance, believes that success in commercial real estate is all about making smart decisions as quickly as possible. Pulling the right triggers is all about identifying, understanding, & managing risk. In this presentation, Jeremy will pull back the curtains on how the biggest asset managers, operators, and property managers unleash their profits by managing the risk.


Networking Special

July 26, 2022

This is a Finance Meets Real Estate Networking Special. Topics of discussion are: 

I. The Current Housing Market
II. General Real Estate Investing
III. Commercial Real Estate
IV. Prop Tech


BRRRR Method w/ David Dodge

July 19, 2022

David Dodge, Owner at Discount Property Investor, will talk about what the BRRRR method is and how you can acquire rentals with little to none of your own money.


Finding Consistent Cash Flow In NNN Leased Industrial Real Estate- Drew Wahlgren

July 12, 2022

Drew Wahlgren, VP Investor Relations at MAG Capital Partners, will talk about finding consistent cash flow In NNN leased industrial real estate.


Breaking The Yield Curve w/ Brian Pellegrini

July 5, 2022

Brian Pellegrini, the founder of Intertemporal Economics, will discuss how federal policy has effectively broken the yield curve into "asset purchase" and "monetary policy" sections.

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How A Broke Agent Got Into 1,100+ Units & Beyond w/ Dan Schoenbaechler

June 28, 2022

Like most, Dan struggled to find a career path he wanted to pursue. After finally discovering commercial real estate brokering, the Great Recession derailed his journey. Persistence led to finding success in real estate both in brokering and then investing. Now he helps others with their real estate goals whether it's finding the perfect property or building their wealth.

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Scaling your Multifamily Portfolio w/ Christopher Salerno

June 21, 2021

Christopher Salerno, Founder and CEO of QC Capital, LLC will talk about how to scale your multifamily portfolio.


The New And Improved Way To Invest In Short-Term Rentals w/ Jimmy Woodard

June 14, 2022

Jimmy Woodard the Co-Founder of Cloud Castles will discuss his business Cloud Castles and why short-term rentals are a great way to generate huge cash flow. While not everyone has the time or capital it takes to build a thriving STR business, Cloud Castles is changing that for retail investors across the country. You can take advantage of all of the benefits of owning real estate for as little as $16.


Market Analysis w/ Julia Bykhovskaia

June 7, 2022

Julia Bykhovskaia, Multifamily Investor and Founder at Sunsail Capital, will talk about the world of Multifamily. She will discuss how to get started, manage assets, and share her thoughts about the market today.

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Real Estate Analysis from Scratch: Data & Tools w/ Jasdeep Khera

May 31, 2022

Jasdeep Khera, the founder of Yieldwink, LLC and Goldsher Group, LLC will outline some helpful tips and tools in analyzing real estate from a top-down approach - starting with geographic location, down to the zip code.

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How to Maximize NOI With Great Asset Management w/ Alessandra Thompson

May 24, 2022

Alessandra Thompson, a real estate investor based in Nashville will discuss how to maximize NOI with great asset management. She will share tips on how to improve NOI in asset management, taking over a property, and realistic underwriting.


Real Estate On Your Terms w/ Zachary Beach

May 17, 2022

Zachary Beach the COO at Smart Real Estate Coach will discuss secrets to profiting $75,000+ per deal by creating 3 paydays, and all this WITHOUT using your own cash or credit

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Passive Investing Made Simple w/ Anthony Vicino

May 10, 2022

Anthony Vicino, founding partner at Invictus Capital and best-selling author will talk about what to do if you want to passively invest in a real estate syndication, but don't exactly know what to look out for. In his lecture Anthony is going to simplify the world of real estate syndications so you can feel confident in selecting a market, analyzing a potential deal, and vetting a winning operator.

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Recession Prospects, Interest Rates and Current Real Estate Market Downside Risk w/ Stefan Tsvetkov

May 6, 2022

Stefan Tsvetkov, Founder at RealtyQuant, will discuss recession prospects from the perspective of the bond market, interest rates, and the current state of real estate market downside risk.

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Alternative Investment Strategies to Reach Financial Independence w/ Don Spafford

April 26, 2022

Don Spafford, real estate investor at CTR Dream Homes and Investor Relations Specialist at Happy Camper Capital, will discuss alternative investment strategies to help you reach financial independence. He will talk about not following herd mentality to do what everybody else is doing when the returns are not great. Seeking better alternatives to achieve higher returns without increased risk.

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Growing Your Real Estate Brand With Social Media w/ Nick Love

April 19, 2022

Nick Love, a Multifamily Syndicator and Marketer will be discussing social media marketing strategies for each tier of multifamily investors. He will go into depth on the future of social media use for multifamily, and the importance of being consistent with your social media presence. In addition, Nick will talk about email marketing strategies to capture as many leads as possible and web design for investors' websites.

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Multifamily - The Greatest Business In The World w/ Charles Dobens

April 12, 2022

Charles Dobens, the founder of Multifamily Investing Academy and co-founder of the Multifamily WarRoom, will discuss why investing in multifamily is the greatest business and how he has found success in the multifamily industry.

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How Smart RE Investors Are Underwriting Deals Differently In High Inflation

April 5, 2022

Drew Kniffin, President of Nighthawk Equity will discuss how real estate investors are underwriting deals in today's high inflation market.

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How To Compete In Today's Competitive Landscape w/ Cody Laughlin, Brian Alfaro

March 29, 2022

Cody Laughlin and Brian Alfaro, the Managing Partners at Blue Oak Capital will discuss how to compete in today's competitive real estate landscape. They will share what tools they use for their personal strategies and what you can do to keep up with the competition.

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Active vs. Passive: How I Chose Our Investing Strategy w/ Spencer Hilligoss

March 22, 2022

Spencer Hilligoss, CEO & Co-Founder of Madison Investing, will discuss strategies for choosing different investing methods. He will talk about how to choose between active and passive investing and how he did it personally...


Data-driven Sourcing for Residential Real Estate w/ Milan Pinkus

March 15, 2022

Milan Pinkus, Founder and CEO of Quarre, will discuss how you can use data science to source off-market residential real estate...

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Raising Capital from Family Offices w/ Spencer Gray

March 8, 2022

Spencer Gray, President, and CEO of Gray Capital will discuss the process of raising capital from family offices...

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Raising 6 Million Dollars in 30 Days w/ Joshua Ferrari

March 1, 2022

Joshua Ferrari, Multifamily Syndicator & Ferrari Capital, talks about how he raised 6 million dollars in 30 days.

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Red Lights and Green Lights of Mobile Home Parks w/ Brian Rehler

February 22, 2022

Brian Rehler, Managing Partner at 3 Pillar Investments, will talk about mobile home parks and all there is to know about them. His lecture is a great opportunity to learn about what goes on in the mind of a buyer and seller of mobile home parks...

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Networking Special

February 17, 2022

This is a Finance Meets Real Estate Networking Special. Come join us and get to know other real estate investors and entrepreneurs...

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Building a Real Estate Private Equity Firm From the Ground-up w/ Ava & August

February 8, 2022

Ava Benesocky & August Biniaz, Co-founders of CPI Capital, will discuss the process of building a real estate private equity firm...

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Getting Your First Multifamily Deal w/ Marc Weisi & Gonzalo Trenosky

February 1, 2022

Over the past 3 years, Marc and Gonzalo have gone from flipping and buy-and-hold single-family up to closing on a 32-unit this September. They'll speak about what habits helped them achieve this as well as the lessons they learned along the way...

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How to Pick Real Estate Markets: A Fundamentals Approach w/ Stefan Tsvetkov

January 25, 2022

Stefan Tsvetkov, Founder of RealtyQuant, will discuss how to pick real estate markets via a fundamentals and market valuations approach...

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The 1 Secret To Raising Capital from Crypto Currency Owners w/ Brett Swarts

January 18, 2022

Brett Swarts, Founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, will discuss capital raising and the one secret we can learn for it from cryptocurrency owners...

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Data-driven Real Estate Investing w/ Stefan Tsvetkov

January 13, 2022

Stefan Tsvetkov will go over a new data-driven mindset for real estate investing...

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Getting to the Finish Line: Your First Deal w/ Angel Williams

January 4, 2022

Angel Williams, Co-Founder of The Academy Presents and Managing Partner of Lorren Capital, LLC will discuss how you can conquer your first real estate deal and get to the finish line as smoothly as possible...

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Perks of Pivoting Away From Multifamily to the BrrrrBNB Strategy w/ Blake Dailey

December 28, 2021

Blake Dailey, active duty Air Force officer and real estate investor will break down what the BrrrrBNB Strategy is, how to use it, and give examples of his own BrrrrBNB deals...

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Why I'm Bullish on Real Estate TODAY and YOU Should be Too w/ Marco Santarelli

December 21, 2021

Marco Santarelli, founder of Norada Real Estate Investments, will discuss how to create wealth through real estate and preserve your purchasing power...

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My Real Estate Journey: How to Get Government Funding & Beyond w/ Nelson Zambrano

December 14, 2021

Nelson Zambrano, the founder and managing partner at Normandy Group, talks about his personal journey in real estate ...


Syndication in Three Tsunami Demands in Multifamily CRE w/ Vinney (Smile) Chopra

December 7, 2021

Vinney (Smile) Chopra, multifamily investor and syndicator with $500M of assets under management, discusses how to invest conservatively and with vigor in the current real estate market.


10,000 Miles to the American Dream w/ Reed Goossens

November 30, 2021

Reed Goossens, Co-Founder of Wildhorn Capital, speaks on his "coming to America story". He also discusses capital raising, building a brand, and scaling a real estate business ...


Mindset Mastery For Real Estate Investors w/ Trevor McGregor

November 23, 2021

Trevor McGregor, Master Platinum Coach and Business Strategist, discusses how to bulletproof your mind for extraordinary real estate success ...


From I-Banking Internship to $100M in Acquisitions by 26 w/ David Toupin

November 16, 2021

David Toupin, Owner of Toupin Holdings and CEO of Real Estate Lab, discusses how he went from investment banking to achieving $100M in Acquisitions ...


The Most Powerful Habits for Success w/ Rod Khleif

November 9, 2021

Rod Khleif, Host of The Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing Podcast, best-selling author and real estate investor, talks about how setting big goals is one of the most important aspects of success...


The 99%: How to Build What Your Buyer Wants and the Market Needs w/ Will Zhang

November 2, 2021

Will Zhang, the CEO and Chief Revenue Officer of, dives into the impact of real-time data as a tool to future-proof your business...


Investing in Passive Real Estate Syndications w/ Brian Burke

October 26, 2021

Brian Burke, CEO of Praxis Capital, talks about what ultra-high-net-worth investors already know: you can outsource your real estate investments ...


Unlocking the Power of Cost Segregation w/ Yonah Weiss

October 19, 2021

Yonah Weiss, Business Director at Madison SPECS, discusses cost segregation and what it means in the realm of real estate ...


10 Massive Unstoppable Game-Changers Disrupting Real Estate Forever w/ Neal Bawa

October 14, 2021

Neal Bawa, data scientist and CEO of Grocapitus Investments, discusses the disruptions the real estate industry has seen in the past twelve months...


Marketing for Capital Raising in Syndications w/ Chris Levarek

October 5, 2021

Chris Levarek, the Managing Partner of Valkere Investment Group, discusses building a platform for people to know, like, and trust you...


How to Raise Capital in Real Estate w/ Brian C. Adams

September 28, 2021

Brian Adams, the President and Founder of Excelsior Capital discusses how to raise capital through effective fundraising...


Intersection of Real Estate and Blockchain: Tokenization for Multifamily Investments w/ Johnny Vong

September 21, 2021

Johnny Vong, President at Blackfish Capital LLC, discusses the value of new construction multifamily projects, tokenization for real estate equity, and the future of blockchain and real estate...


Automated Valuation for Real Estate: Predicting House Prices w/ Shreyas Raghavan

September 14, 2021

Shreyas Raghavan, data scientist, Technical Architect at PayPal, discusses predicting house prices via an automated valuation model...


Helping Others Through Syndication w/ Whitney Sewell

September 8, 2021

Whitney Sewell, CEO and Founder of Life Bridge Capital, discusses how he went from raising $250K in a few weeks to raising over $10 million consistently in a few hours...


Dos and Don'ts for Submitting Multifamily Deals to a Lender w/ Nathan Trunfio

September 1, 2021

Nathan Trunfio, Sr. Director of Sales and Marketing at Lima One Capital discusses a multitude of topics about the Dos and Don'ts for Submitting Multifamily Deals to a Lender...


Syndication Versus Partnering w/ Gino Barbaro

August 24, 2021

This is your Past Event description. Consider sharing a brief overview of the event, including special moments that took place or any other colorful details. Recreate the full experience for your readers by adding photos, videos or other visual components...


Fund VS Syndication For Real Estate w/ Pancham Gupta and Rajan Gupta

August 17, 2021

Pancham Gupta and Rajan Gupta discuss how a private fund structure differs from single-asset syndication in real estate...


Best Growth Opportunities in Real Estate Today w/ Mike Zlotnik

August 10, 2021

Mike Zlotnik, CEO at TF Management Group, discusses what are the best opportunities for growth in real estate today...


Advantages of Triple Net Single Tenant Net Lease Investing w/ Jason Ricks

August 3, 2021

Jason Ricks, COO of Liberty Realestate Fund, will discuss the advantages of triple net single tenant net lease investing...


Modeling Apartment Communities Value Add w/ Stefan Tsvetkov

July 27, 2021

Stefan Tsvetkov, the Managing Partner at Pepela Capital and Founder of Envvy Analytics, discusses modeling off-market apartment communities relative value-add in an automated scalable fashion...


What I Learned From Speaking with 1000 Investors Individually w/ Bronson Hill

July 20, 2021

Bronson Hill, Managing Member of Bronson Equity: "I have raised over $60 million from investors over the last several years and would love to share my secrets with you...


Why I Left Single Family Investing Behind and You Should Too w/ Jerome Myers

July 13, 2021

Jerome Myers, founder and head coach of Myers Methods, discusses why he started speaking, the difference between SFHs and apartments, and roadblocks to getting in...


Creative Cash w/ Bill Ham

July 6, 2021

Bill Ham the COO at Broadwell Property Group, discusses the topics of creative financing for multifamily real estate including seller financing and master lease options...


Freedom Principles Through Passive Real Estate w/ Maurice Philogene

June 29, 2021

Maurice Philogene is the Founding Managing Partner at Quattro Capital, he discusses the topic of Freedom Principles and how to leverage real estate to live your best life as soon as possible as well as how to acquire more Financial Freedom, Geographic Freedom, Time Freedom, Freedom of Purpose and Freedom of Relationships...


How to Consistently Make Money in Real Estate- Anyone Can Do it Once! w/ Ken Gee

June 22, 2021

Ken Gee, president & founder of The KRI Group of Companies, discusses how to consistently make money in real estate...


The Mechanics of Multifamily Syndication w/ Sam Wilson

June 15, 2021

Sam Wilson, founder of Bricken Investment Group discusses the mechanics of multifamily syndication...


Sponsors are from Mars, Investors are from Venus: How to Survive Due Diligence w/ Lance Pederson

June 8, 2021

Lance Pederson, Founder of Verivest discusses the real estate syndication due diligence process and how his firm brings transparency to the sector...


Issuing a Real Estate Fund on Blockchain w/ Michael Flight

June 1, 2021

Michael Flight, CEO of Liberty Real Estate Fund LLC and founding principal of Concordia Realty Corporation, discusses issuing a real estate fund on blockchain..

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Raising Capital the New Way w/ Jorge Abreu

May 25, 2021

Jorge Abreu, CEO of Elevate Commercial Investment Group and JNT Construction, discusses the old school way of raising capital versus the new way...


Investing in Turnkey Rentals & Syndications Working a W2 Day Job w/ Lane Kawaoka

May 18, 2021

Lane Kawaoka, Founder of discusses investing in turnkey rentals and syndications while working a W2 day job...


How to Sell and Lease CRE Properties 30% Faster w/ Andrew Bermudez

May 11, 2021

Andrew Bermudez, CEO & Co-Founder of Digsy, discusses tools and marketing tactics to reduce time on the market for commercial real estate properties...