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My Real Estate Journey: How to Get Government Funding & Beyond w/ Nelson Zambrano

December 14, 2021

Nelson Zambrano, the founder and managing partner at Normandy Group, talks about his personal journey in real estate ...

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Syndication in Three Tsunami Demands in Multifamily CRE w/ Vinney (Smile) Chopra

December 7, 2021

Vinney (Smile) Chopra, multifamily investor and syndicator with $500M of assets under management, discusses how to invest conservatively and with vigor in the current real estate market.

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10,000 Miles to the American Dream w/ Reed Goossens

November 30, 2021

Reed Goossens, Co-Founder of Wildhorn Capital, speaks on his "coming to America story". He also discusses capital raising, building a brand, and scaling a real estate business ...

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Mindset Mastery For Real Estate Investors w/ Trevor McGregor

November 23, 2021

Trevor McGregor, Master Platinum Coach and Business Strategist, discusses how to bulletproof your mind for extraordinary real estate success ...

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From I-Banking Internship to $100M in Acquisitions by 26 w/ David Toupin

November 16, 2021

David Toupin, Owner of Toupin Holdings and CEO of Real Estate Lab, discusses how he went from investment banking to achieving $100M in Acquisitions ...


The Most Powerful Habits for Success w/ Rod Khleif

November 9, 2021

Rod Khleif, Host of The Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing Podcast, best-selling author and real estate investor, talks about how setting big goals is one of the most important aspects of success...


The 99%: How to Build What Your Buyer Wants and the Market Needs w/ Will Zhang

November 2, 2021

Will Zhang, the CEO and Chief Revenue Officer of, dives into the impact of real-time data as a tool to future-proof your business...


Investing in Passive Real Estate Syndications w/ Brian Burke

October 26, 2021

Brian Burke, CEO of Praxis Capital, talks about what ultra-high-net-worth investors already know: you can outsource your real estate investments ...


Unlocking the Power of Cost Segregation w/ Yonah Weiss

October 19, 2021

Yonah Weiss, Business Director at Madison SPECS, discusses cost segregation and what it means in the realm of real estate ...

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10 Massive Unstoppable Game-Changers Disrupting Real Estate Forever w/ Neal Bawa

October 14, 2021

Neal Bawa, data scientist and CEO of Grocapitus Investments, discusses the disruptions the real estate industry has seen in the past twelve months...

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Marketing for Capital Raising in Syndications w/ Chris Levarek

October 5, 2021

Chris Levarek, the Managing Partner of Valkere Investment Group, discusses building a platform for people to know, like, and trust you...

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How to Raise Capital in Real Estate w/ Brian C. Adams

September 28, 2021

Brian Adams, the President and Founder of Excelsior Capital discusses how to raise capital through effective fundraising...

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Intersection of Real Estate and Blockchain: Tokenization for Multifamily Investments w/ Johnny Vong

September 21, 2021

Johnny Vong, President at Blackfish Capital LLC, discusses the value of new construction multifamily projects, tokenization for real estate equity, and the future of blockchain and real estate...

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Automated Valuation for Real Estate: Predicting House Prices w/ Shreyas Raghavan

September 14, 2021

Shreyas Raghavan, data scientist, Technical Architect at PayPal, discusses predicting house prices via an automated valuation model...

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Helping Others Through Syndication w/ Whitney Sewell

September 8, 2021

Whitney Sewell, CEO and Founder of Life Bridge Capital, discusses how he went from raising $250K in a few weeks to raising over $10 million consistently in a few hours...

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Dos and Don'ts for Submitting Multifamily Deals to a Lender w/ Nathan Trunfio

September 1, 2021

Nathan Trunfio, Sr. Director of Sales and Marketing at Lima One Capital discusses a multitude of topics about the Dos and Don'ts for Submitting Multifamily Deals to a Lender...

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Syndication Versus Partnering w/ Gino Barbaro

August 24, 2021

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Fund VS Syndication For Real Estate w/ Pancham Gupta and Rajan Gupta

August 17, 2021

Pancham Gupta and Rajan Gupta discuss how a private fund structure differs from single-asset syndication in real estate...

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Best Growth Opportunities in Real Estate Today w/ Mike Zlotnik

August 10, 2021

Mike Zlotnik, CEO at TF Management Group, discusses what are the best opportunities for growth in real estate today...

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Advantages of Triple Net Single Tenant Net Lease Investing w/ Jason Ricks

August 3, 2021

Jason Ricks, COO of Liberty Realestate Fund, will discuss the advantages of triple net single tenant net lease investing...

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Modeling Apartment Communities Value Add w/ Stefan Tsvetkov

July 27, 2021

Stefan Tsvetkov, the Managing Partner at Pepela Capital and Founder of Envvy Analytics, discusses modeling off-market apartment communities relative value-add in an automated scalable fashion...

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What I Learned From Speaking with 1000 Investors Individually w/ Bronson Hill

July 20, 2021

Bronson Hill, Managing Member of Bronson Equity: "I have raised over $60 million from investors over the last several years and would love to share my secrets with you...

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Why I Left Single Family Investing Behind and You Should Too w/ Jerome Myers