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Helping Others Through Syndication w/ Whitney Sewell

September 8, 2021


Lecture Details:

Whitney Sewell, CEO and Founder of Life Bridge Capital, will discuss how he went from raising $250K in a few weeks to raising over $10 million consistently in a few hours. Additionally, he will talk about critical things that shaped his mindset and his mission, how not to be transaction-focused but loyalty focused and as a bonus, he will share his industry secrets.

Lecturer Bio:

Whitney Sewell is a seasoned real estate investor, podcast host, and philanthropist. He is CEO and founder of Life Bridge Capital, a multifamily syndication investment firm with 900 doors and $150 million in assets under management. Whitney was able to scale his business at a groundbreaking pace - starting from nothing in 2017 to now consistently raising over $10 million in a few hours. His daily podcast, The Real Estate Syndication Show, has featured over 1000 experts in the field. Whitney recently founded his new non-profit, The Life Bridge Foundation - the latest exciting development in his commitment to donate 50% of his profits to support orphans and their adoptive families. Whitney and his wife Chelsea have 3 children by adoption and love spending their free time together in the great outdoors at their home in the country.

Lecture Format:

45 min Presentation + 15 min Q&A

Get in Touch Links:

Life Bridge Capital

Whitney Sewell on LinkedIn

Watch Lecture Recording:

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