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How To 10X Your Wealth Through Real Estate Investing w/ Elisa Zhang

August 9, 2022


Lecture Details:

Elisa Zhang the founder of EZ Financial Independence University shares the formula of how she strategically built wealth investing in multifamily real estate and how you can do the same. She outlines the mindset shift required, the steps to take to achieve this goal, and lessons learned along the way that will shortcut you to success.
Elisa Zhang manages a portfolio of $450M in holdings across 2,500+ apartment units.

Lecturer Bio:

Elisa Zhang is the owner and principal of over a portfolio of $450M in holdings across 2,500+ apartment units through her company EZ Real Estate. After successfully building a path to financial independence for herself in less than 10 years and transitioning out of her full time IT career in 2019, she made it her mission to help motivated other nine-to-fivers do the same by providing educational resources through her website EZ FI University and passive investment opportunities through her syndication offerings.

Lecture Format:

45 min Presentation + 15 min Q&A

Get in Touch Links:

E.Z F.I University

Eliza Zhang on LinkedIn

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