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How Smart RE Investors Are Underwriting Deals Differently In High Inflation

April 5, 2022

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Lecture Details:

Drew Kniffin, President of Nighthawk Equity will discuss how real estate investors are underwriting deals in today's high inflation market. Drew will answer some of the following questions in his presentation:

- How Are Deals Different Today Than They've Been the Last 5 Years?
- What Assumptions in Underwriting Are No Longer Accurate?
- How Is Inflation Going to Impact Investor Returns?
- What Mistakes May Turn Off Prospective Investors?
- What Amenities Are Tenants Looking for in the Post-Covid World?

Lecturer Bio:

Drew Kniffin is the President of Nighthawk Equity, he manages all aspects of the Nighthawk portfolio, including acquisitions, asset management and capital raising.
Before joining Nighthawk, Drew owned 400 residential units himself. Drew has a corporate finance and real estate investing background that spans a decade. After finishing graduate school (JD/MBA), he worked as an investment banker providing corporate valuation analysis.
As partners with Michael Blank, Nighthawk Equity controls over $300 Million in multifamily real estate across the United States. Drew holds a great conversation and is known for making complex ideas simple for the average person to understand.

Lecture Format:

45 min Presentation + 15 min Q&A

Get in Touch Links:

Nighthawk Equity

Drew Kniffin on LinkedIn

Watch Lecture Recording:

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