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[S9E13] Lost [BETTER]

After helping Star Swirl the Bearded protect Ponyville during King Sombra's return, Celestia and Luna have come to enjoy being part of the action and making a difference in ponies' lives from outside the throne room. As a result, they go overboard helping ponies with the simplest of tasks, such as fixing a broken bridge, helping a lost Filly Guides troop, and making cupcakes for Cheerilee's class of foals.

[S9E13] Lost


On a sunny beach without Celestia, Luna finally gets to relax like she wanted. However, when she sees other sister pairs having fun together on the beach, she starts to get lonely and ends up getting severely sunburned. Meanwhile, Celestia goes skydiving and exploring in a forest, but she gets lost without Luna's better sense of direction and frightened by animals that Luna would usually scare away.

Truth & Justice is a true crowdsourced investigation in real time. Host, Bob Ruff, asks listeners to help with investigations as he takes on a new potential wrongful conviction case every season. The subject of Season 12 is a grizzly 2006 triple homicide, that occurred in Pinyon Pines, California. Three innocent people lost their lives, and many believe that Robert Pape and Cristin Smith were wrongfully convicted of the murders. Join the investigation, and together we'll find the truth!

Unfortunately, Dwight completely overplays his "anger" at Jim for not hiring them, and Rolf and everyone else immediately realize Dwight lied to them and wasted their time. They elect to play paintball without him, later sending a rude e-mail that says "Glad you're not here", and Dwight sadly notes that he lost all of his friends in just three hours. Clark does get the salesman job, and Pam briefly lifts Dwight's spirits by suggesting they "haze the new guy", though she makes Dwight stop that plan when he nearly suffocates Clark with shrink wrap. It is also hinted at that Brian, the boom mike operator for the documentary crew, has developed a crush on Pam.

Cahill approaches Owen, asking him about the people who came to measure the ER space. Owen told them to get lost because they were in the way while doctors were treating patients on the ER's last day. They both step into an elevator to the helipad. Cahill says it's not clear yet what they will replace the ER with. He thinks the ER is the way for them to get the closest to the injury and thereby help the people that need it. She takes his point, but before she can leave him, the elevator arrives at the roof. The paramedics enter the elevator with their patient, who had a severe accident with his chainsaw. Suddenly, the carotid artery of the patient blows, but Cahill quickly applies pressure with both of her hands. She looks at Owen and says she "was closest."

Talking to the family of her patient, Cristina says the patient lost more than half of his blood volume and that he may not have enough time to make new blood cells. Cristina tells them blood transfusions would really help, but the family doesn't allow it. Cristina makes it clear to the parents that it's very likely their son will die when his organs starts shutting down without blood. The parents still don't agree, and they say they'll continue praying for a miracle.

Rich, 19, was hit by a car while skateboarding. Before they were able to transfuse blood into him, Leah found his medical ID necklace, which declared him a Jehovah's Witness. Cristina and Leah took him into surgery, prepared to do whatever they could to make up for not being able to transfuse blood. Because cutting him would cause too much bleeding, Cristina went in percutaneously. The surgery was successful, but he was struggling post-op because he'd lost half of his blood volume. His family still would not allow a blood transfusion. Under the guise of replacing his IV, Leah tried to sneak in a unit of blood. However, she was caught by the remote physician who was watching from a video camera. Despite the doctors' best efforts, Rich could not be saved and he was pronounced dead at 6:42.

Chloe breaks into Tess's office, accessing her computer, and discovers that Tess has hacked her computer systems at Watchtower. Tess comes into her office holding a gun in her hand and Chloe says she plans to use a super-computer virus to destroy the encrypted firewalls. Realizing she's serious, Tess warns that doing so will reveal Clark's secrets to the world. However, she admits that she's lost her faith in Zod and that Clark can command the Kandorians once they gain their powers from the solar tower, and she asks Chloe to work with her. Chloe says she'll think about it, but then hits Tess instead. As she grabs Tess's gun and reaches for the flash drive with the virus, Tess kicks the gun out of her hand. They struggle for a while and then Tess gets the gun. As she starts to pull the trigger on Chloe, Clark comes in at superspeed and takes Tess to a nearby rooftop parking lot. He throws her across the roof and tells her he's there to collect for the life of his father.

Sam and Dean investigate at the health club where the discover that the second victim has a suction mark. Dean questions the health club employee while Sam leaves to examine the body of the first victim. The boys rendezvous back at the motel, where they compare notes. The first victim also had a suction mark, and Dean noticed that the health club employee did as well. Upon further questioning, Dean found out that the health club employee recently lost weight at Canyon Valley Spa. After watching a commercial for the spa which is a few hours away, the boys decide to investigate.

Sam and Dean then question Sheriff Hanscum who is happy because she lost 10 pounds on the first day at the spa. They discuss the case, particularly the suction marks, when she shows them her suction mark and told them that Maritza did the cupping procedure.

Wendell is among the five interns Brennan selects to identify lost remains in The Patriot in Purgatory. Initially the five engage in a contest to see who can identify the most. However when Arastoo stumbles across the remains of a possible 9/11 victim, Wendell begins to freak out and after the interns have a heart to heart about their personal experiences on that day, Wendell (the last to speak) reveals that his uncle, a firefighter, died at the World Trade Center in New York. Wendell spent 9/11 and the next few days with his aunt, and it's a very sensitive topic with him. 041b061a72


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