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What's Up--4 Non Blondes

The title does not appear in the song's lyrics, but the phrase "what's going on?" is prominently included in the chorus. Perry told Rolling Stone that she heavily disliked the song's production.[5] Perry revealed on Behind the Music that she hated David Tickle's reworked version (with different lyrics) intended to be used for their album. She had told this to Jimmy Iovine, who agreed, preferring Perry's demo version over Tickle's. Tickle's instrumental (over the original vocals) could be heard on Perry's episode of Behind the Music; Tickle's version was never released. The final version was recorded in one day after Iovine allowed 4 Non Blondes to re-record Perry's demo version. The music video was directed by Morgan Lawley.[6] During an interview with Tape Op magazine, Perry said:

What's Up--4 Non Blondes

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While being in 4 Non Blondes' album, Bigger, Better, Faster, More!, the title "What's Up?" does not appear in the song's lyrics. However, the phrase "what's going on?" is prominently included in the chorus. 041b061a72


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