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[18 ] The Diary 2 !NEW!

In this unusual reality series from Japan, complete strangers meet for the first time after receiving a diary meant to hold a script of their own love story. But will the script work, and will true love blossom?

[18 ] The Diary 2

Background: Post-intensive care syndrome includes the multiple consequences of an intensive care unit (ICU) stay for patients and families. It has become a new challenge for intensivists. Prevention programs have been disappointing, except for ICU diaries, which report the patient's story in the ICU. However, the effectiveness of ICU diaries for patients and families is still controversial, as the interpretation of the results of previous studies was open to criticism hampering an expanded use of the diary. The primary objective of the study is to evaluate the post-traumatic stress syndrome in patients. The secondary objectives are to evaluate the post-traumatic stress syndrome in families, anxiety and depression symptoms in patients and families, and the recollected memories of patients. Endpoints will be evaluated 3 months after ICU discharge or death.

Methods: A prospective, multicenter, randomized, assessor-blind comparative study of the effect of an ICU diary on patients and families. We will compare two groups: one group with an ICU diary written by staff and family and given to the patient at ICU discharge or to the family in case of death, and a control group without any ICU diary. Each of the 35 participating centers will include 20 patients having at least one family member who will likely visit the patient during their ICU stay. Patients must be ventilated within 48 h after ICU admission and not have any previous chronic neurologic or acute condition responsible for cognitive impairments that would hamper their participation in a phone interview. Three months after ICU discharge or death of the patient, a psychologist will contact the patient and family by phone. Post-traumatic stress syndrome will be evaluated using the Impact of Events Scale-Revised questionnaire, anxiety and depression symptoms using the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale questionnaire, both in patients and families, and memory recollection using the ICU Memory Tool Questionnaire in patients. The content of a randomized sample of diaries of each center will be analyzed using a grid. An interview of the patients in the intervention arm will be conducted 6 months after ICU discharge to analyze in depth how they use the diary.

On her birthday, Anne only wrote that she hoped that she would be able to entrust everything to her diary and that it would be a great support. The actual writing started two days after her birthday, on 14 June 1942.

Kitty was the fictional character Anne eventually addressed all her diary letters to. The name Kitty came from a series of books Anne had read, by Dutch author Cissy van Marxveldt. These books were about Joop, a girl who had all kinds of adventures with her group of friends.

He inspired Anne: she planned after the war to publish a book about her time in hiding. She also came up with a title: Het Achterhuis, or The Secret Annex. She started working on this project on 20 May 1944. Anne rewrote a large part of her diary, omitted some texts and added many new ones. She wrote the new texts on separate sheets of paper. She describes the period from 12 June 1942 to 29 March 1944. Anne worked hard: in a those few months, she wrote around 50,000 words, filling more than 215 sheets of paper.

Otto did not just publish Anne's rewritten version, The Secret Annex. From 29 March 1944 onwards, he added Anne's original diary texts. He also reinserted some of the passages that Anne had left out when rewriting her diary. In 2000, it turned out that Otto had withheld a diary letter in which Anne was very critical of his marriage to Edith.

The Secret Annex was published on 25 June 1947. Otto compiled the book from Anne's rewritten version, her original diary texts and some of her short stories. He also corrected the language errors in Anne's texts.

The Anne Frank House, together with the Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands and the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, presented on 15 May 2018 the hidden text on two pages covered up with gummed paper in the first diary of Anne Frank, with its red checked cover.

Lost - Diary Lock BoxIconIngameTypeBookDescriptionDirty, blood stained, seemingly has some characters on it.SourceRandom EventWhile exploring the Occult Cave, you may find the a lost diary lock box. You may open it by keying in the 4-digit password. Passwords coordinate with the pages of a diary found from monsters inside the cave.

Once you have obtained a diary page, there is a chance to find a locked chest on the next floor. This is not guaranteed, and using it does not seem to increase the chance of the chest spawning. Open your bag and use the page to find the password for the locked chest. It will give you the page number and a diary entry. You can either try to figure out the password yourself from the obtained page or find the passwords to the boxes with their coordinating page number below.

Daniel's personal diary entries are found throughout the castle in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. They are one of the primary sources of knowledge of Daniel's actions before he drank the Amnesia potion.

The Cistern is shaped vaguely like a cross (+), and one diary entry can be found at each spoke of the cross (aside from the one you entered from). They are all close to the water valves you use to drain the water from the sewer.

Hello...hope u r doing good...I just wanted to let you know thay I am grateful for all the hardwork and insights that you have put in..I have tried to follow most of your recipes and enjoy visiting yout diary often. THANKS.

Players can start a match at any time and be paired with 4 other players. Survivors can team up with friends or choose to be paired randomly with 3 other teammates. Hunters can only choose this option when solo. Players can use this mode to complete deduction quests. This mode can be obitan diary battle reward (4 Spy Glass, 20 Clues, 10 Fragments).

Don't forget that all our Classic Planners can be personalised with a word or message on the cover. A personalised diary is unique to you, as well as being a great way to create a special gift. You can also customise your planner with pins: we have a selection of charms with either letters or symbols designed to attach to the elastic closure to add some personalised sparkle.

Taken from a typed version of the appointment diary prepared in the Garden Room following MT's resignation but before 1992. The handwritten original has also been studied and material from that source has sometimes been added in, with explicit notes to that effect. The handwritten volumes are now being deposited at TNA in the series PREM32; PREM32/19 is the manuscript version of the diary, PREM32/7 the typed one.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the Old Ruler's Lost Diaries are pages that have been torn apart from the valley's Old Ruler's diary. These diary pages have scattered all through the game map, and finding a new diary page gets you closer to finally uncovering why The Forgetting took over the valley and, more importantly, what happened to the Old Ruler. This page will provide a detailed guide to finding the locations of all the Old Ruler's Lost Diaries in Dreamlight Valley.

During the quest "With Great Power..." you'll be tasked with completing three challenges inside one of the beach's caves. After completing this quest, go further into the cave to find another diary page.

The following diary page is in the Sunlit Plateau biome but getting there is a little tricky since the main path is blocked. You need to go to the Forgotten Lands biome and then come down the entrance connecting both biomes, as seen below. 041b061a72


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