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Hollow Man Legendas Portuguese (BR) LINK

Just as the Abomaton is about to finish her off, Amity steps in to protect Luz. She holds down the Abomaton, ignoring her mother's orders and crushing her necklace in her hand. She asks Luz if she's okay, to which Luz blushes and confirms. For the first time in her life, an angered Amity stands up to her parents, and tells them that her friends inspire her to think about the kind of person she wants to be. Luz and Amity then team up back to back, momentarily blushing at being so close to each other. Seeing that they're losing investors, Odalia asks Amity what she wants. Amity then threatens to destroy the Abomaton in front of her investors unless she lets her friends back into Hexside, which Luz realizes is merely a bluff. Outraged by this, Odalia reluctantly agrees, and Amity and Luz pretend to get knocked out when the Abomaton strikes them with a giant, hollow hammer, allowing the presentation to conclude. This leaves the investors impressed, and the Blights reach their goal. Odalia attempts to go back on her deal with Amity, but Alador tells her she has no choice, as a Blight always upholds their end of the deal. Alador then advises her to let it be and points out that Amity is getting stronger in her magic, strong enough to someday become a coven head, which appeases her for now.

Hollow Man Legendas Portuguese (BR)

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