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RealtyQuant Market Data Update as of Q1 2022

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

New York, NY - July 1, 2022 - RealtyQuant, issuer of the U.S. most comprehensive real estate market valuations data, today released its Q1 2022 market valuations data covering all U.S. states and ~2700 U.S. counties.

A total of 10 U.S. states are now greater than 20% overvalued, up from 6 U.S. states in the same valuation range at Q3 2021, and just 1 U.S. state at YE 2020.

At Q1 2022, Idaho is the only U.S. state overvalued greater than 50%; Arizona, Utah and Nevada at a greater than 30% valuation; Florida, Texas and other Western and Southern states complete the greater than 20% overvalued list.

At Q1 2022, the counties containing Boise, Austin, Phoenix were the most overvalued among counties that have a city with 200k+ population. Counties containing Spokane, Charlotte, Nashville, as well as counties in Texas and Florida complete the list.

At Q1 2022, Illinois is the least overvalued U.S. state. Northeast states including New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut are in the list. Midwest states of North Dakota and Iowa, make it to the least overvalued list. Southeast states of Louisiana, West Virginia, Mississippi and Arkansas, complete the list.

At Q1 2022, the counties containing Richmond, San Francisco, San Jose were the least overvalued among counties that have a city with 200k+ population. Counties containing Chicago, Baltimore, El Paso, Baton Rouge, Oakland, as well as counties in the NYC metro area, complete the list.

RealtyQuant's market valuations data is issued quarterly covering ~2700 U.S. counties, the next update as of Q2 2022 to be released end-September 2022. Subscribe for quarterly data updates.

Data Methodology:

RealtyQuant's real estate market valuations are a collection of state- and county-level data, assisting you in best gauging overvalued real estate markets and their appreciation potential. We have developed statistical predictors for market appreciation, as well as a valuation metric to gauge market downside risk.

About RealtyQuant:

RealtyQuant brings data-driven and quantitative techniques to the real estate industry. On a mission to add industry value through education, investment, technology, and analytics.

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